The Highs & Lows of Our Time in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania

Ten Feet Travels, Volunteering as a family, The Bandari Project, Mto Wa Mbu Tanzania

We’ve been here in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania for 5 weeks and what an amazing way to start our adventures as a travelling family.

Watch to find out our highs and lows of our time here and to see the end result of the projects we’ve been working on at The Bandari Project. So proud of what we’ve achieved!

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Adventures with Kids in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania

Ten Feet Travels, Masai, Tanzania

It’s week 5 here in Tanzania and we’re looking at some of the other adventures we’ve had in our time here!

Zip lining, a Masai Boma visit, Tinga Tinga painting and more.

Travelling as a family is definitely a challenge, but we are so grateful for the experience and so proud of how the kids are taking on all these new adventures they are faced with everyday.

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Nairobi, Kenya- Travelling with Kids

Ten Feet Travels, Nairobi, Kenya, Travelling Kenya with Kids

We are finally on our big adventure!

2 years of planning and we are here.

We start our travels arriving in Nairobi, Kenya after 24 hours in transit.

Watch our vlog to hear how we survived our flight with 3 kids, aged 6 and under and how we all adjusted to life as a travelling family.

Getting around on the streets of Nairobi, Giraffes, Snakes, Chameleons and the cutest baby Rhino you’ve ever seen.

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5 Reasons Why We’re going back to Tanzania

Travelling Tanzania with Kids

It was 9 years ago, before children, that Glen and I travelled to Tanzania to volunteer and explore for the year. Our time there had its challenges- illness, the language barrier and adjusting to a different way of life. But here we are, 3 children later, and we can’t wait to go back!

Travelling Tanzania with Kids

We’re sure that travelling Tanzania with kids will bring a whole new range of challenges. Travelling with kids anywhere brings a lot of challenges (let alone to the other side of the world!) but we’re ready to take them on and this is why.

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Dear Kids, This Is Why We Want To Travel

Travelling the world as a family

Dear Kids,

The countdown is on to our departure for our “big adventure” and we thought we’d start keeping track of this journey.

We hope to record our adventures here for you, our family (hello!) and anyone else who might like to follow along.

We really are just a normal family, but we’ve chosen to sell up, pack up and experience a not so normal life for a while, travelling the world as a family. We hope you enjoy the “big adventure” we’ve been talking about for so long.Continue Reading →