Dear Kids, This Is Why We Want To Travel

Travelling the world as a family

Dear Kids,

The countdown is on to our departure for our “big adventure” and we thought we’d start keeping track of this journey.

We hope to record our adventures here for you, our family (hello!) and anyone else who might like to follow along.

We really are just a normal family, but we’ve chosen to sell up, pack up and experience a not so normal life for a while, travelling the world as a family. We hope you enjoy the “big adventure” we’ve been talking about for so long.

So Kids,

Welcome to the journal of our Ten Feet Travels,

We are about to set off on the most amazing adventure, with you.

Alice 6, Walter 4, And our Hugh Bear almost 3.

Why? Travelling the world as a family is crazy right?

We want to do this, for time together, adventure together, to experience the world together.

To learn from it and others and to inspire you to always listen to your heart and follow your dreams.

As your Mum and Dad, in our 30-somthings, we felt like we were doing what we “should” do, and not what truly inspired us and made us happy.

Working a million hours, and missing time together as a family was not worth it. We decided to prioritise us.

Travelling the world as a family (1)

What we want to achieve through our travel

We want to have adventure in our lives, and to share these adventures with you.

To see you grow and become confident in all sorts of surroundings.

We want to experience different cultures, we want to learn from the world around us and those in it. For you to explore, to ask questions, to make new friends. All of this we see invaluable.

We want you to learn to be brave, to challenge yourself and to give things a try. To step outside of your comfort zone and for us to do the same!

We want to give back, to help others and our environment and for you to learn about these things as we see them.

Travelling the world as a family

Where are we going?

Everywhere we can! but starting with Kenya and Tanzania.

We are so excited for this adventure, and here we will record our Ten Feet Travels for you, just in case you don’t remember every last minute 😉

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Travelling the world as a family

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